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Black people should not, as with the Rev. Andrew Hunt III of New Life Community Church did last month before the House, be testifying about all of the struggles that he and other blacks endured during the civil rights movement to achieve full equality — and then tell lawmakers to deny equal rights to another group of marginalized Americans.

As a black woman and a student of history, the hypocrisy just astounds me.

After all, it was only a few decades ago that opponents of “race mixing” were holding the same kinds of signs that these black ministers were holding on Monday. They, of course, wanted to prevent blacks and whites from getting into relationships, marrying and having children, even though, like with gay couples today, it already was happening.

Erika D. Smith: Black ministers supporting HJR-3 is pure hypocrisy

Any of my POC tumblr followers want to offer their thoughts on this?

(via girlwithalessonplan)
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